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There’s no need to waste thousands on invasive and expensive surgery when you can visit our beautiful French-inspired clinic right here Perth. Owner and certified endermologist, Sangeetha and her team at Endermo Clinique can help you manage physical pain, say goodbye to excess weight and cellulite, and age gracefully with the best 100% natural non-invasive treatment available. With a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, and proven results, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t booked sooner. Get in touch with us and book an appointment today.

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Endermolift is the first and only technique in the world that has been scientifically proven to increase natural hyaluronic acid synthesis by +80% to re-volumise the dermis and smooth wrinkles. Endermolift by Endermologie stimulates the skin to wake up the fibroblast, which naturally reactivates the production of essential support fibers – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – for an immediate and sustainable lifting effect. The Endermolift by Endermologie technique gently exfoliates the skin and oxygenates the tissues by boosting the micro-circulation, whilst eliminating degraded collagen fragments and stimulating the production of new high-quality collagen.



This patented technology is used by almost 200,000 people every day and is considered the number one cellulite treatment worldwide. Mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin sends a signal deep down to the fat cells to activate lipolysis, i.e. the natural release of fat (+70%). The motorized rollers of the LPG treatment head gently stimulate the skin to wake up the cells responsible for skin youth, the fibroblasts. Once activated, these cells begin to re-synthesize our own natural and essential substances for skin firmness – collagen and elastin.



Natural, non-invasive Endermologie treatments offer unique, patented technologies for mobilizing tissue that cannot be reproduced by human hands or other machines. LPG machines have been approved by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) and TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) for treating muscular pain and spasms, the reduction of secondary lymphedema of the arm (post mastectomy), improved lymphatic and local blood circulation in treatment areas, and burn injuries.



The Solo System sauna delivers clinical-grade far-infrared heat that is proven to raise core body temperature and induce a deep, healthy sweat. By combining the gentle Solocarbon heating in the solo domes with the plush comfort of the SoloPad, the Solo System delivers 360⁰ surround heat – the hardest part is staying awake! Sunlighten’s Solo System is a clinical grade patented Solocarbon® far-infrared sauna used extensively by clinics and thousands of individuals for a wide range of issues or as a preventative tool.


Combining Far Infrared Sauna with your Endermologie Treatments will significantly increase your results, we recommended to use Sauna after every Endermologie Treatment.



We offer customized treatments to fit your specific needs.

Our staff is super-friendly to make you feel comfortable during your treatment.

Our centre has been setup to give you all facilities in a homely environment.

The Most Effective Sauna Treatments in Mount Pleasant, WA

You don’t have to waste your money and time undergoing expensive cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the way you look and feel. At Endermo Clinique in Mount Pleasant, WA, you will find the most effective sauna treatments you need to look as fantastic as you feel. Our qualified team proudly offers:


  • Cellulite Treatment

  • Fat Reduction

  • Non-Invasive Fat Treatment

  • Detox

  • Anti-Aging Treatment

  • Skin Firming


We work with you to find the ideal treatment options to give you the results you deserve. We take a holistic approach to creating personalised treatment plans that improve the way you look and feel.


Endermo Clinique Provides Non-Invasive Fat Treatment and More in Mount Pleasant, WA

At Endermo Clinique in Mount Pleasant, WA, you can expect the high-quality cosmetic treatments you need to look younger and improve your skin health. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help you make the most informed decisions.


What is the best skin tightening method? We recommend Endermologie for your skin tightening procedure. This non-invasive treatment stimulates healthy collagen production and gives you the beautiful skin you deserve.


Which anti-aging device is best? Our team uses Endermolift by Endermologie to give you the youthful appearance you want by improving your skin’s overall health and stimulating healthy collagen production.


What is the best non-invasive way to get rid of belly fat? Lipomassage is one of the best non-invasive methods for getting rid of your belly fat and contouring your body. The procedure reduces cellulite, tones your skin, and increases elasticity and circulation.


What is the best fat removal procedure? Although liposuction can produce fantastic results, it’s an invasive procedure that can have negative effects on your body. Instead, we use Lipomassage to help your body break up fat deposits and encourage healthy skin conditioning with improved circulation.


Contact Endermo Clinique to learn more about the services we offer and how they can help you.


  • People trying to reducing stubborn fats that can not be removed otherwise.

  • Elderly with pain issues.

  • Fitness fanatics who want a healthier body.



*Individual results may vary.


Endermo Clinique | Mount Pleasant, WA | 13 Reviews & Counting



Kristy P.

I highly recommend Perth Endermologie. I’m very happy with my results. I had stubborn cellulite on the backs of my thighs and no amount of squats was going to change that. After completing my package of 10 sessions the results are amazing. I only wish I had gone sooner. Sangeetha is one of the nicest people I have ever met and is very professional, easy to talk to and is really passionate and determined to get you the results you want. Being able to use Zip Money was great as I was able to do 3 sessions a week to really get results fast.

Marian M.

I have been going to Perth Endermogie for my health and lymphatic drainage as much as body shaping and cellulite. The treatments I have recieved have bern excellent with noticable changes. Just recently I also added the chromatherapy, a light therapy for healing and regeneration, and the results have been amazing after just one treatment. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to invest in the health, their body shape and to enjoy a feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

Kallyanne B.

The ladies at Perth Endermologie are amazing! So accommodating and always make me feel super comfortable! The beat results and the BEST facials ever!!!

Kylie M.

After 6 treatments and a few more to go I’m very happy with my results and the friendly yet professional service. The home environment is tasteful and peaceful. The treatment ended up being as therapeutic as it was aesthetic which was a nice surprise. Excellent for people with injuries and a good addition to gym workouts.


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